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Rain is a nuisance when trying to re-roof a home.

At All County Roofing we know that Pacific NW weather is unpredictable 

There is always the chance to get some kind of moisture through out the day unless it happens to be in the middle of August. We have learned to watch the weather reports like a hawk. We have apps that let us know where the weather is and where it might rain next.

So what happens when it does  start to rain? 

We keep multiple tarps in our vehicles. So if we do get rainfall we are able to get them up, and cover the exposed areas of the roof as soon as possible. No one wants to get wet, but we will not allow a roof to be damaged so we work as fast as possible to get it covered.


Most of the time, we plan it right and rain is a non-issue on the job. All County Roofing will not schedule work if it is going to rain because it is unsafe.


What can happen if it rains during a re-roof?

The deck of the roof is exposed during a re-roof, allowing water to hit the exposed wood degraded by the old roofing nails. It swells, preventing us from putting down new shingles. Not only that, but it will trap moisture under the new roof causing a different set of issues.


Rain means we will reschedule for the next nice day to be on the safe side. I do know that having a degraded roof and one that is leaking is a “lets get it done now” type of home project. Sometimes that just can’t happen and we are forced to work with mother nature.


If you are concerned that you roof is leaking or you are in need of a new roof, please call and schedule a free estimate today! We would love to work with you.


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