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Streamline your Roofing Replacement Project With your Own Custom Checklist!

 Make your own checklist when it comes to your roofing contractor recruiting

If Roof Replacement is starting to come up in conversations more and more with you, comparing roofing contractors and prices will need to be done. Either by yourself or someone, you trust. This should be done with thoroughness and speculation to make sure you, the customer, get the roofing services you need and deserve.

For this to be done efficiently you will want to have a detailed checklist of the services and scope of work you need. This checklist should be given to each contractor so the estimates or bids will be accurate and comparable.

Implementing a checklist not only helps the bidding process become more accurate but it saves you a lot of time and headache from trying to compare bids and estimates that are broad and unmatched. It will benefit you greatly to have this checklist drawn up before any contacts are made, thus allowing a more streamlined project from beginning to end.

Checklist of Scope of Work

Most of the time the first questions you need to ask is:

What condition is the roof in? Do I only need a repair or a full roofing replacement? This can be answered a few different ways. Does your roof have any of these qualities?

  • Old and just in need of a new roof
  • An act of God damage
  • Is the roof leaking and from where
  • Are shingles curling or ripping
  • Missing roofing
  • Or just plain old peace of mind

 In many cases, if the roof is between 13-20 years old, normal wear and tear will be cause for a replacement other than a repair. Once you have decided that a replacement will be necessary, take some time putting together your initial checklist to be submitted to the roofing contractor for estimates or bids.

Here are a few items that should be mandatory in your checklist:

Reroof vs Roof Over  –

In Clark County WA, we are allowed to have up to 2 layers of roofing installed on a property. In most cases, though the underlayment is not in good enough shape to warrant that. Although if the underlayment is in good enough shape and your property only has a single layer it can save you a nice chunk of change.

The Reroof Process HERE

SQ Footage & Materials 

Measure the area of your roof. Don’t forget to add in the eves and slope to your roofing material measurements. And then Choose your preferred Roofing Materials. Just to name a few


  • Asphalt shingles

     Most common and cost friendly options

  • Metal roofing 

    Offers energy savings and a very long lifespan.

Comparing Products

 When you decide on the product you are interested in look into the manufacturers and check their reviews by customers and other contractors. Believe it or not, people are brutally honest in reviews. Be cautious though and read as many as possible so your not deterred by one or two disgruntled customers.


  • Asphalt shingles

    Are very common and they are not all made the same. Some manufacturers are better than other and the price dictates that as well. Along with different patterns and colors offered. Make sure you know exactly what you want!

  • Metal roofing

    comes in a few different materials; aluminum, stainless Steel, tin and copper. Different styles as well; corrugated, tiles, slate, and standing seem to name a few.


Comparing Warranties 

Just because the manufacturer has a warranty, it does not mean that the roofing contractor honors the same time frame. Make sure the craftsmanship warranty is worth it to you. Many contractors offer a craftsmanship or workmanship warranty from 3-20 years, the industry avg is 5 yrs.

Hopefully, you can use these tips on your roofing project coming up or maybe a family member might need some advice. Just remember if you are considering a new roof the lowest cost and bid is not always the best choice. Make sure the contractor you choose has a good standing and active License and is bonded and insured. A local company is always a good choice.

You Can trust All County Roofing

When you need a trusting and professional Vancouver or Clark County Washington roofing contractor, specializing in reroofs and roof replacements, call All County Roofing 360-869-1141. We offer a 5-year Craftsmanship warranty, Affordable Pricing, and Quality Roofing Materials. Lets not forget to mention our professional and experienced Staff that can help you through your roofing project.


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  • All projects are supervised by a company project manager to ensure the highest quality workmanship.
  • Fully licensed and insured in Washington State and Oregon State
  • 5-year workmanship guarantee on full roof replacements
  • Own crew – no subcontractors!
  • Handling all types of residential and commercial
  • roofing
  • The majority of reroofing projects are completed in one to two days.
  • Because we are efficient enough we are able to offer very affordable and competitive prices

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