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Metal Roofing Materials: Steel, Copper, and Aluminum

The use of Metal Roofing Materials is growing substantially in our Pacific NW area of Clark County, WA, in both the residential and commercial roofing industry.

In addition to excellent durability and longevity, metal roofing materials like copper, aluminum, and steel help improve building energy efficiencies and are among the most attractive options on the market.

Because of the long term protection and visibly attractive look you can get out of a metal roof, resale values of both residential and commercial properties rise. All while reducing the need for a majority of maintenance issues because they’re robust and easy to sustain.

When properly installed, it’s not uncommon for metal roofs to last 40-70 years with the proper care. Many metal roofing distributors carry an extended or lifetime warranty.

Here are a few minor descriptions of the three most commonly used metals on residential and commercial roofing projects:

(Please note that many styles come in each material and check with your local installer if they work with the materials you are deciding to use.



Steel roofing is probably the most known and used metal roofing.  By Having such a wide range of designs and thicknesses, that you have the ability to customize layouts and designs to your liking.

Standing seam and Agricultural roofing styles Range from 29g to 24g and covers a majority of the barns, homes, and businesses you see with metal roofing in Vancouver, WA, and our surrounding areas.


One of the most attractive and expensive roofing materials on the market. Copper roofing is unique because the panels can gently change color over time when exposed to the elements.

This process can dramatically alter the look of your roof, adding to its visual appearance to potential clients or buyers.


Aluminum, like other types of metal roofing, is resistant to fire, wind, moss, and rot. Rain and snow flow off freely, ridding you of the many roof leaks commonly associated with composition shingles.

Aluminum roofing panels are very lightweight and minimize your roof’s load-bearing weight stresses.

A local Metal distributor we use –  North American Metals out of Banks, Oregon is a great company and has very nice employees who are really 5 star to work with.


In addition to the proven practical benefits of metal roofing, some insurance companies also offer homeowners reduced insurance rates if they install a copper or aluminum roof.

These lower rates are possible because, from a statistical standpoint, metal roofs perform better, last longer, and have an inherently superior fire, wind, and weather resistance.

We Install Standing Seam and Corrugated Metal Roofing

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