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Buying a home is the number one investment in many peoples life. You definitely want to have it checked out. Right? You want to make sure the structure that supports the roofing is in awesome shape. So how do you go about doing that?  

Let’s take a look into the process of checking out a roof before buying a house.


Know How Old the Roof Is

 It is best to get up on the roof or hire someone to do an actual inspection. I know that is not in the cards for everyone so what other steps can you take?

Is it mold-free? Stand back a ways and check things out. If your eyesight is good enough you can see most cosmetic damages that need attention. Look for soggy spots, most of the time these are areas that are extremely wet under the roofing and damage likely extends into the structure of the roof: attic, decking, and framing.
Look closely at the edges of the roof, are there any raised areas that water can be blown under? Check for moss growth, does it look as if the shingles are trying to curl up on the edges? These are signs of distress and need to be inspected by a professional.


Good Ventilation System


Check the ventilation system
If possible get into the attic and check for dark, black colored sheathing. It is a sign that the attic is not vented adequately which is a serious problem. Are there vents on the roof? These allow air to be released from the inside of the roof as the temperatures change outside. The idea is to prevent the air and moisture from becoming trapped inside the attic. The moisture tends to soak into the wood structure which provides a place for mold to grow. I talk about mold at the end of this blog, it is a serious danger!
Check to see if there are vent holes in the soffit under the eves. This is a must you want enough air to flow through the attic to protect the roof from over heating in the summer or in the winter causing condensation inside of the attic.


Canals and Seepage System


Vent pipes and Ducts

When inside the attic also check the water pipe vents. These are pipes that run from your bathroom,laundry, and kitchen to the outside and are known for being the cause of a leaky roof. The vents are installed with nails and the new ones come with a rubber gasket on them. In the past they were only sealed with caulk causing them to have a high failure rate.

Look to see where the ducting is located. It occasionally will disperse into the attic which would be cause for alarm. Just poke your head up there and check it out! You want to make sure that the moisture from hot showers is making it outdoors.


Mold is a huge problem that is a concern for your roof as well as your safety. If you see any type of black mold be cautious and have a professional reconcile the issue before the home is sold or be financially compensated to fix the issue because it can be costly.


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