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Steady Maintenance


Now that the soggy weather in Southwest Washington and the pacific Northwest is most likely gone for the next few weeks 🙂 (hopefully) we have many things to do in a short amount of time in our region. 

One of the top priorities (and if it isn’t it should be) is roof maintenance. Your home or business relies on the roof to keep you safe from the elements. It is the first line of defense and the most important if you ask me. Keeping up the maintenance, leaving it in the best shape possible during the summer months can help you from having to pay a lot of money in the future. 

At All County Roofing we want you to take care of the roof we installed for you, so it lasts the full time allotted if not longer than the manufacture warranty. I have put together a few tips that can help the average home owner take care of their investment and home before it is time to call All County Roofing for a roof replacement.


1) First of all visually inspect the roof looking for any cracking, missing or damaged shingles these are immediate red flags.

2) Check all the flashing around chimneys, skylights, pipe boots and box vents, making sure the sealant has not failed, cracked or is pulling away from surfaces allowing water to get behind or under the flashing

3) Clean gutters and downspouts bi-annually at least, make sure there is no damming up causing water damage to the fascia.

4) Moss & molding is a huge problem here in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure you inspect for moss growth and mold growth along the roof surface and take necessary action. Moss out is a good start but sometimes it’s just not enough and you will need to get a professional up there to physically clean it off.



Moss & Mold

Mold is a dangerous issue. Make sure bathroom and kitchen fans are ventilated properly and not just into the attic space is a huge start. Bathroom fans not properly vented are notorious for causing mold growth that leads to roof decking failure. Warm moist air creates condensation that will rot the wood over a short amount of time. If you find this issue call a contractor to vent them properly.


Hopefully these tips will help you, but if you find that your roof has major damage, contact ALL COUNTY ROOFING right away.


Personally, inspecting your roof can have its hazards if you’re not experienced, therefore knowing how to walk on your roof is of the highest importance. If you are not aware of how and where to step, your roof can be damaged, and you could have an accident. If you don’t feel confident, contact a professional to help you.


  • Routine maintenance is very important. Check your roof every spring to save you money and time.
  • All County Roofing is here for your roofing needs, but if you are able to do it yourself keep these safety tips in mind!
  • Always use proper safety equipment.
  • Bring someone along as a precaution.
  • Have a steady ladder.
  • Use fall protection equipment to inspect your roof to avoid an unwanted accident.
  • Make sure you know where you are stepping so that you don’t cause any damage to the roof.
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