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Digging deep into your pocket for a roof?

All County Roofing knows that after spending a big chunk of money on a new roof, you expect it to be done right and installed with care and precision. A new roof should last in Vancouver, WA & the Pacific NW region a minimum of 15-25 years.
The money is definitely a good investment for a homeowner. A botched roof install on the other hand, is a devastating situation, for the homeowner. It will cost you a lot more money to fix the problems and in some instances re-do the entire roof again!


All County Roofing is licensed and insured, and we have seen damage caused by poor roof installation. We have been called all over Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas more than a few times to replace bad roofing repairs or installations done by unlicensed contractors or unskilled homeowners. It is a shame. Unknowingly try to save a little at the beginning of a project ends up costing usually 25% – 40% more by the time the issues have been taken care of.


Some of the most common problems we see are poorly installed shingles and flashing.
So many roofs installed by the home owner are missing starter layers,which is the first layer along the homes eves. Which is the most vulnerable spot on the roof for rot! Many issues arrive when knowledge is missing from the installation.
· Low slope – if the slope of the roof is less than a 3/12 it usually should not be roofed with shingle style roofing.
· Incorrect staggering of roofing – Shingles are designed in a way that they need to be staggered so water can properly runoff.
· Nailing – Nails should never be seen or nailed below the adhesive line on a shingle.
· Flashing – flashing is installed in heavy water runoff areas such as inside corners, roof elevation changes, dormers & chimneys just to name a few. Flashing should never be installed over the top of shingles and should be secured either with nails or caulking, we use both.








If you aren’t sure if your roof was installed or repaired correctly, here are some details to look for:
Missing Drip edge – Drip edge is a layer of metal usually installed under the roofing and over the gutter system, so water has an easier access off the roof and into the gutter. If it’s not there, corners were cut on installation of the roof.
Shingle alignment, if shingles aren’t lined up vertically (gutter to peak) by their slots, or not lined up straight along the horizontal plane (end to end), they weren’t installed properly.
Interior damage – go into your attic and inspect to see if there is any water damage. If you see damage or stains call an experienced roofing company immediately. That’s one of the most obvious signs of poor roof installation or a failing roof.
If you fear you have had a bad roofing repair, or you want to avoid one, contact All County Roofing from Vancouver, WA @ 360-869-1141. We know how important roof installation is to your home’s overall integrity and value. We’re licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work. Contact us today for a hassle-free estimate!
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